Phillip Brown



教授 (Professor)


Translation, Comparative Literature, World Cinema, Extensive Reading


University College, London

King Alfred's College(現在 University of Winchester)

University of Oxford, Faculty of English

University of Sheffield, School of East Asian Studies



Topic by Topic TOEIC Listening (Seibido: Tokyo 2000) [co-author]


‘Views From the Hills: Man and Nature in Wordsworth and Snyder’, Essays in English Romanticism 24 (March 2000)

‘Kita ingurando no rukuretiusu’ [A Northern Lucretius], in Kudo Akio, ed., Shizuka naru chūshin: igirisu bunka wo yomu, (Nan'undo: Tokyo, 2001)

‘Influence and Originality in Basil Bunting: On a Line in Briggflatts’, Language, Culture & Society 1 (2003)

‘The Bull and the River: Initiatory Voices in Briggflatts’, Language, Culture & Society 2 (2004)

‘In the Pilot's Wake: Bunting and the Sea(I)’, Language, Culture & Society 4 (2006)

‘Death by Water: Bunting and the Sea (II) ’, Language, Culture & Society 5 (2007)

‘Extensive Reading in the Japanese University:a pilot study'[co-author],Language, Culture & Society 7 (2009)

‘Writing and Extensive Reading', Language, Culture & Society 8 (2010)

‘Lost in a Japanese Funhouse? Pastiche, parody and play in the early fiction of Takahashi Gen’ichirō’, Language, Culture & Society 12 (2014)